For the successful development of each company, the recognition, popularity and trust of consumers is important. Registration of a trademark is not just a way to stand out, but above all, legal protection for your means of individualization.

You get a unique name that no one can use when registering a company in the future.

Registration TM is an opportunity that you should definitely use before the company enters the market, so as not to face unpleasant situations. Together with the certificate, you will acquire exclusive rights to use and dispose of the trademark, including you can transfer the rights to use it in whole or in part by signing a license agreement, or prohibit the unlawful use of your brand.

The trademark registration procedure is rather lengthy and expensive. Any mistake and non-professionalism can cause a denial of registration. We, as professionals in our field, offer you assistance in obtaining TM registration.

Our team of specialists will provide a full range of trademark registration services in various states and jurisdictions. Our pricing policy is quite loyal. So, with our help, the Brand Owner will be able to concentrate only on what exactly he wants, without contacting local agents, without experiencing language and legal obstacles.

We undertake all this, providing as a result a complete package of international protection for your brand.

Stages registration procedure:

  • Preliminary check for matching titles
  • Registration and filing of an application for trademark registration
  • Placing an application in the media in order to obtain objections to registration
  • Certificate Registration Issue
  • TM validity period

The terms and cost of the registration procedure are available on request.

Note that TM protection is limited to the jurisdiction in which it is registered. The first step is to protect your brand in the country where you work and offer your services.

For a more detailed discussion of the possibility of registering a TM for your future or existing business, receiving an individual proposal and a detailed calculation, please contact us.

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