PA-DSS is a security standard for payment applications that includes requirements for programs that are responsible for processing cardholder data. This standard is an offshoot of the PCI DSS standard.

All payment applications that contain, process and transmit information about payment card holders' data are certified at the time of authorization of a payment transaction and during settlements between parties involved in making a payment.

All payment applications developed for the purpose of selling or transferring under a license must comply with PA-DSS regulations, unlike applications used for internal company needs.

PA-DSS certification is required for applications such as software modules for POS terminals and ATMs, ATM controllers, processing centers, automated banking systems, and payment gateway information systems.

Our company is ready to offer highly qualified assistance in the preparation and certification of the PA-DSS standard of payment applications to all software developers.

We provide consultations on ensuring the safe operation of applications with card data and provide a comprehensive package of solutions for the fulfillment of the requirements of the standard. In addition, our services include the preparation of the Implementation Guide and other documents that are provided for certification.

Our PA-QSA auditors, according to the results of the certification audit, will compile all the necessary reports for entering the software into the list of payment applications that have a certificate.

ONERO Company is the owner of PCI PA-QSA status, which gives the right to perform a certification audit of payment applications in relation to the PA-DSS standard.