Legal Opinion is a brief expert opinion of a lawyer regarding the assessment and analysis of a particular problem or situation in a company's business. A properly drawn up legal document determines not only the legal side of the transaction or project, but also the expediency and legitimacy of the legal actions planned by the client. Often there are situations that require a clear solution to a specific issue. Due to the speed of services and relatively low cost, Legal Opinion has become an indispensable solution in these cases.

For the client, this is a kind of insurance, proof of the quality of legal services rendered. Thus, owning Legal Opinion and acting strictly in accordance with the written opinion, you can file a lawsuit for the provision of legal services of inadequate quality, if the losses were nevertheless caused to you.

Legal Opinion is an official legal document conforming to international standards. The scheme of the conclusion may be different and depends on the goals set, but it must necessarily contain an indication of the documents that have been studied, references to current legislation, analysis of judicial practice, and, most importantly, a conclusion on the matter raised.

Legal Opinion may be needed for the activities of international companies that provide certain services in other countries. Such a legal opinion is necessary for a forex broker or forex dealer, when exchanging cryptocurrencies, etc. Therefore, the preparation of such an important document as a legal conclusion is a very responsible process, which should exclude the misinterpretation of the law, which could cause harm and damage to the client in the future.

To do this, first the customer provides reference information on the documents or transaction in respect of which it is necessary to make a legal opinion. It also indicates the necessary information on the applicable law, depending on the jurisdiction of the customer. Next, a thorough analysis of the documents provided for their compliance.

Current legislation. The final section of Legal Opinion contains a legal conclusion, which includes an analysis of the provisions of current legislation in relation to the task and practical advice on how to solve it.

Legal Opinion will provide you with reliable information on all the legal aspects of the problem.

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