Cyprus Company

Typically, Cypriot companies are used where the EU requires a company that pays taxes, has an account in the country of registration and can receive confirmation of payment of taxes or become VAT registered.

The use of tax planning (for example, an agency scheme) can reduce the corporate tax in Cyprus to zero. No problem to get a certificate of the tax residence of the company in Cyprus, which gives us the opportunity to use a variety of double taxation treaties. Companies in Cyprus are registered and operate in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Cyprus on Companies, paragraph 113.

The acquisition and the first year of service of the company in Cyprus - 2600 EUR (includes including opening an account in Cyprus, legal address, nominee director, shareholder and secretary).

The annual extension of a Cyprus offshore company from the second year is 1950 EUR (new power of attorney, nominee director, shareholder and secretary, legal address).

Standard set of documents of an offshore company registered in Cyprus:

  • Certificate of Incorporation in Greek with Apostille.
  • Certificate of Incorporation in English with Apostille.
  • Certificate of Registered Address with Apostille.
  • Certificate of Directors and Secretary with Apostille.
  • Shareholder Certificate with Apostille.
  • Charter and Constituent Agreement with Apostille.
  • Letter to subscribers.
  • Stock.
  • Appointment of the first director and secretary.
  • Directors Protocol.
  • Register of Directors and Secretaries.
  • Register of shareholders.
  • Power of Attorney with Apostille.
  • Corporate print.
  • Trust Declaration.
  • Trust Act (Deed of Trust).
  • Nominee Services Agreement.
  • The document certifying the transfer (Instrument of Trust).

Cypriot companies must annually prepare and submit an audit report. All companies registered in Cyprus pay corporate tax at a rate of 12.5% ​​of their profits.

Additional services:

  • Certificate of Good Condition with Apostille - 520 EUR
  • Certificate of Incumbency with Apostille - 520 EUR
  • Tax Certificate with Apostille - 650 EUR
  • VAT registration - 585 EUR. And a deposit of 1000 EUR, which is returned when the company is removed from the register Submission of VAT reports every 3 months - 455 EUR
  • Registration with EORI - 585 EUR
  • The cost of setting the company to VIES will be - 325 EUR. If a Cypriot company provides services to another European company (but not a Cypriot company), then a Cypriot company must also submit a monthly VIES declaration.
  • VIES report submission monthly - 130 EUR
  • Audit - depending on turnover (for example, 1 million USD and 150 transactions - 3250 EUR)
  • Zero audit - 1300 EUR
  • Apostille - 390 EUR
  • Transfer of the company to our registration agent - 1040 EUR
  • Additional power of attorney - 390 EUR
  • Company closure - 650 EUR
  • Transferring a company to Cyprus from another jurisdiction - 5200 UER
  • Change of the shareholder of the company in Cyprus - 910 EUR
  • Change of the real beneficiary of the company - 390 EUR
  • Office rent in Cyprus - 650 EUR per year

By purchasing a Cyprus company from us, you will receive a high level of service, low prices and efficiency.

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