Offshore. UK, LLP

1300 euros worth LLP partnership in the UK. And the extension, which is paid from the second year, is 1,170 euros, plus 260 euros a new power of attorney and delivery 91.

LLPs are registered, operated and liquidated in accordance with the following legislation - Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2000.

Limited partnerships do not pay taxes in the UK if they do not operate in the country. But LLPs must prepare and submit financial statements annually.

Also annually, it is necessary to submit to the UK House Register (Companies House) a report on the persons controlling the company. Usually, there are offshore companies from the UK.

The partnership price includes:

  • Company registration
  • National tax
  • Nominal partners of the company
  • Issuance of power of attorney, trust declarations
  • Legalization with the Apostille of the main company documents
  • Stamp of the company
  • Delivery of the company

Nominal partners of the company - legal entities, companies from Belize or Seychelles. If the company does not open an account, and is needed only for the registration of domains, copyrights, or for registration on sites, then you can purchase a company with a minimum configuration.

The standard set of documents includes:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Power of Attorney
  • Trust Declarations
  • Cancel letters
  • Print
  • Linking documents of an offshore company with an Apostille, which includes: A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation Joint register of the partnership Protocol of the first meeting Trust declaration General power of attorney Partnership agreement (analogue of the Charter)

The cost of extending the partnership in the UK includes:

  • Delivery of the zero report (if the company did not conduct activity). If the company conducted an activity, then the report is submitted for a fee, depending on the turnover, number of transactions, etc.
  • Payment for services of a registered agent and legal address.
  • Nominal services
  • Payment for annual renewal in the amount of EUR 1170 is made annually from the second year to the date of registration of the company.

Cost of additional services for offshore LLP companies registered in the UK

  • Courier delivery from the UK - 91 EUR
  • Certificate of Good Condition with Apostille - 390 EUR
  • CertificateofIncumbency - 390 EUR
  • Change of partners in the company - 390 EUR
  • Getting an EORI number - 325 EUR
  • Capital changes - 390 EUR
  • Additional Resolution - 195 EUR
  • Expedited registration in 1-2 days - 260 EUR
  • Nominal legal entity controlling company - 221 EUR per year
  • Nominal partners - individuals - 221 EUR per year
  • Change of company activities in the register - 325 EUR
  • Change PSC - 325 EUR

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