Open offshore in Dominica

Ready-made and registered under the order, companies in the Commonwealth of Dominica cost 1300 USD. And the extension is 1170 USD, not counting the cost of issuing a new power of attorney.

The price of the offshore company includes:

  • Company registration Payment for services of a registered agent and legal address Cost of services of nominee directors and shareholders
  • Payment of fixed tax Release of power of attorney Legalization of Apostille stitching the main documents of the company
  • Stamp of the company
  • Shipping company

The standard set of offshore documents includes:

  • Certificate of Company Registration
  • Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association
  • First appointment of director, shareholder
  • Certificate of promotion
  • Director registers and share register
  • Apostille certified crosslinking consisting of copies of the following documents: Company Registration Certificate, Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association, First-time Director, Shareholder, General Power of Attorney, Share, Trust Declaration
  • Power of Attorney for one year E
  • xemption letter from the director of the company without a date
  • Trust Declaration Stamp of the company

The cost of renewing an offshore company in the Commonwealth of Dominica includes:

  • Franchise fee Payment for registration agent and registration office
  • Services denominations
  • Power of attorney is paid separately.
  • The payment of the annual renewal in the amount of 1170 USD is made annually from the second year to the date of registration of the company.

The cost of additional services for companies registered in Dominica:

  • Certificate of Incumbency with Apostil - 520 USD
  • Shareholder change - 585 USD
  • Director change - 520 USD
  • Courier delivery from the Commonwealth of Dominica - 97.5 USD
  • Certificate of Good Condition with Apostil - 390 USD
  • Power of Attorney - 390 USD
  • Liquidation of the company - 2210 USD
  • Change of beneficiary - 260 USD

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