Offshore. BVI, BVI

Registration of a new company in the British Virgin Islands (BVI or BVI) takes about a month and costs 2340 USD. The same cost and ready-made company.

The extension of the company from the second year is 1820 USD, excluding power of attorney. Companies are registered, operated and liquidated on the basis of BVI BUSINESS COMPANIES REGULATIONS of 2012.

The price of an offshore company in the BVI includes:

  • Registration of an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands
  • Payment for services of a registered agent and legal address
  • Compliance
  • Cost of services of nominee directors, shareholders
  • Payment of state fees
  • Release of power of attorney
  • Legalization of Apostille stitching the main documents of the company
  • Stamp of the company
  • Shipping company

Denominations - individuals residing in the Seychelles. The authorized capital of the company is 50,000 shares at 1 dollar each. An offshore company in the BVI does not have a secretary.

The standard set of documents for offshore in the British Virgin Islands includes:

  • Certificate of Company Registration
  • Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association
  • First appointment of director, shareholder
  • Stock
  • Register of Directors
  • Shareholder Register
  • Apostille stitching, consisting of copies of the following documents: certificate of registration of the company, charter and memorandum of association, first appointment of director, shareholder, general power of attorney, register of directors and shareholders, trust declaration
  • General Power of Attorney
  • Exemption letter from the director of the company without a date
  • Trust Declaration
  • Stamp of the company

The cost of renewing an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands includes:

  • Payment of state duty
  • Payment for registration agent and registration office
  • Compliance
  • Services denominations Power of attorney is not included in the renewal cost.

The cost of additional services for companies registered in the British Virgin Islands:

  • Power of Attorney - 390 USD
  • Certificate of Incumbency with Apoctile - 650 USD
  • Express delivery from the British Virgin Islands - 97.5 USD
  • Certificate of Good Fortune with Opti - 650 USD
  • Additional power of attorney with Apostil - 325 USD
  • Liquidation of the company - 3250 USD
  • Transfer of a company from another registered agent - 650 USD

The British Virgin Islands is one of the oldest and most respected jurisdictions. But in our opinion, it is no better than the Seychelles or Belize, but more expensive and having very high demands on the beneficiary.

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