Canadian Offshore Company

We offer companies registered in Canada with nominal partners, legalization of documents with Apostille, power of attorney and trust declarations at a price of 2600 USD. Canadian partnership LP is essentially an offshore.

The company does not pay taxes in Canada. Reports do not surrender. Very similar to the Scottish partnership. On the other hand, Canada is a prestigious country of registration, not included in any “black list”. It makes sense to use partnerships registered in Canada if you need a non-EU company, with no signs of off-shoreness, and possibly not a European VAT payer (VAT).

The cost of partnership in Canada is 2600 USD. The purchase price includes nominee service, legal address, power of attorney issue and certification of stitching company documents in the Seychelles, and delivery. Company registration time is about one month. When registering a Canadian partnership, a deposit is paid in the amount of the cost of liquidating the company The pledge is not refunded; it covers the liquidation of the company after the company ceases operations. Renewal from the second year - 2340 USD.

Renewal is paid one year after registration of the company. An extension of an LP in Canada includes payment for the services of a registered agent, a registration office and the services of nominal partners.

Features of Canadian LP partnerships:

  • Canadian LP partnerships are recorded under the Law of Ontario - OntarioLimitedPartnershipsAct 1990. An LP may not be a separate legal entity, but may have certain of its features (it may have a bank account, enter into transactions, etc.).
  • LPs in Canada can be established by at least 1 general partner and one limited liability company. Partners can be both individuals and legal. Foreign companies can act as a general partner after registration in Ontario, as an extra-provincial corporation.
  • An LP partnership in Canada can be formed by one person as a general partner and limited partner.
  • There is no one minimum requirement for contributions from LP partners. Contributions can be either in cash or property, but not services.
  • The general partner has unlimited liability for LP obligations. The limited partner is liable no more than his contribution to the LP partnership.
  • LP partnership must have an address in Ontario to receive official correspondence.
  • Lack of corporate tax.
  • No need to file financial statements and tax returns.
  • The profits earned by the Canadian LP partnership are distributed among the partners.
  • Partners who are not residents of Canada, as a rule, do not have tax liabilities in Canada. A Canadian resident partner declares his share of the profits earned by the LP as his personal income and pays tax.
  • The non-resident partner does the same in the country of his tax residency.

Cost of additional services for LP companies registered in Canada:

  • Courier delivery from Canada or Seychelles - 75 USD
  • Certificate of Good Standing - 390 USD
  • Certificate of Goodwill certified by a notary - 520 USD
  • Certificate of Good Standing, certified by the Canadian Embassy in Latvia - 780 USD
  • Certificate of Incumbency, with Apostille - 520 USD
  • Power of Attorney - 390 USD
  • Change of beneficiary - 260 EUR
  • Name change - 1300 USD
  • Liquidation of the company - 750 USD

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