Offshore company in Scotland, LP

We offer Scottish offshore companies, partnerships LP, with full nominal service, payment for the first year, Apostille, power of attorney, seal and delivery for 1300 euros. Scottish partnership type LP does not give any accountability and does not pay taxes if it does not operate in the UK. The company is registered in the EU, as Scotland is part of the UK.

We can say that the partnership of LP in Scotland is almost a “European offshore”. Companies registered in Scotland and not receiving income in the UK do not pay corporate tax and do not submit financial statements to the UK register (CompaniesHouse).

From July 24, 2017, all Scottish LPs are required to submit data on controlling persons (PSC) to the British registry. Partnerships from Scotland may be used in situations where it is not possible to show "offshore". Because of the inability to open accounts in most banks for offshore companies in Scotland seriously pressed offshore companies. LP has no directors and shareholders, but only partners.

A partnership is established by at least two partners, one of which is a general (GeneralPartner) and the other is a limited liability company (LimitedPartner). The general partner is fully liable for its assets, and the limited partner is only his share in the capital of the company, usually 50 pounds.

The company is managed only by the general partner, and the limited partner has a profit and is not involved in the management. Offshore companies from Belize or Seychelles usually act as nominal partners. It is possible to appoint nominal partners to individuals, EU residents. The standard price of an offshore LP company in Scotland is 1,300 EUR - for both ready-made companies and new companies.

The registration of a new company with the delivery of documents is up to one month. There are ready-made companies. The extension of the company is 1170 EUR - from the second year, plus 260 EUR for a new power of attorney and 91 EUR for delivery.

The price of the company includes:

Company registration in Scotland type LP National tax Nominal partners of the company Release of power of attorney and trust declaration Legalization with the Apostille of the main company documents Stamp of the company Shipping company The nominal partners of the company are legal entities, companies from Belize or Seychelles.

The standard set of documents includes:

  • Stitching with Apostil: - a copy of the LP5 form - a copy of the registration certificate - a resolution - a partnership agreement - two certificates of interest - a resolution on issuing a power of attorney - a power of attorney.
  • Original certificate of registration. Another partnership agreement.
  • Analogues of stocks.
  • Trust declarations.
  • Another power of attorney without reassurance.
  • Rejection letters.
  • The seal.

The cost of an LP extension in Scotland in the amount of EUR 1170 includes:

Payment for the services of a registered agent and registration office, and Services of denominations. New power of attorney and paid separately. Annual renewals are paid annually, starting from the second year.

Cost of additional services for LP companies registered in Scotland:

  • Express delivery from Scotland - 91 EUR
  • Certificate of Good Condition with Apostille - 390 EUR
  • Certificate of Incumbency, with Apostille - 390 EUR
  • Getting an EORI number - 325 EUR
  • Change of beneficiary - 260 EUR
  • Change of partners - 390 EUR
  • Name change - 390 EUR
  • Certificate of change of company name - 390 EUR
  • Company liquidation - 390 EUR
  • Partnership capital size changes - 390 EUR
  • Additional Resolution - 195 EUR
  • Expedited registration in 1-2 days - 260 EUR
  • Nominal legal entity controlling company - 221 EUR per year
  • Nominal partners - individuals - 221 EUR per year
  • Change of company activities in the register - 325 EUR
  • Change PSC - 325 EUR

You can register a company without nominal partners. The price will remain the same. The client must provide two or more partners to register a company in Scotland. Partners can be both legal and natural persons, residents of any country.

Registration of such a company will not take much longer, as partners must sign documents and send originals to Scotland. For partnership without a nominal, we can open an account in Switzerland. It may be worthwhile to consider the option of opening an account for Scottish LP in some kind of payment system.

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