Company in the UK LTD

The standard price of a company in the UK such as LTD or LIMITED is 1300 EUR - for both ready-made companies and new ones.

The registration of a new offshore company with the delivery of documents is about two weeks. The renewal of the company costs 1170 EUR from the second year, without the cost of a new power of attorney - 260 EUR and its delivery.

Companies in the UK, such as LTD or LIMITED, pay taxes in the UK, even if they do not operate in the country. Significantly reduce the tax burden by using an agent scheme. Also, English LTD must annually prepare and submit financial reports. Also annually it is necessary to submit a report on the persons controlling the company to the UK Register (CompaniesHouse).

The price of LTD or LIMITED in the UK includes:

  • Company registration
  • National tax
  • Nominee directors and shareholders of the company
  • Release of power of attorney and trust declaration
  • Legalization with the Apostille of the main company documents
  • Stamp of the company
  • Shipping company

The standard set of documents includes:

  • Certificate of Registration Charter and Memorandum of Association - 2 pcs.
  • Director's Resolution on Address, Promotions and Director
  • Director’s Resolution on Release of Power of Attorney
  • Power of attorney
  • Stock Certificate and Transfer Form
  • Company registers
  • Declaration of Trust
  • Rejection letter
  • Apostille stitching, consisting of: Copies of the certificate of registration. Copies of the statute and articles of incorporation. Director's resolution on address, promotions and director. Director's resolution on the release of power of attorney. Power of attorney

The cost of extending partnerships in the UK includes:

  • Payment for registration agent and registration office
  • Nominal services
  • Delivery of the zero report if the company did not conduct activity
  • Payment for annual renewal in the amount of EUR 1170 is made annually from the second year to the date of registration of the company. The power of attorney in the amount of 260 EUR and its delivery is charged separately.

The cost of additional services for an offshore company from the UK, such as LTD:

  • Courier delivery from the UK - 91 EUR
  • Certificate of Good Condition with Apostille - 390 EUR
  • CertificateofIncumbency - 390 EUR
  • Getting an EORI number - 325 EUR
  • Tax certificate (TaxCertificate) with Apostille - 520 EUR
  • Change of beneficiary - 260 EUR
  • Change of director or shareholder - 390 EUR
  • Name change - 390 EUR
  • Certificate of change of company name - 390 EUR
  • Legal Address in London - 130 EUR per year
  • Company liquidation - 390 EUR
  • Changes in the share capital - 390 EUR
  • Additional Resolution - 195 EUR
  • Expedited registration in 1-2 days - 260 EUR
  • Nominal legal entity controlling company - 221 EUR per year
  • Nominal partners - individuals - 221 EUR per year
  • Change of company activities in the register - 325 EUR
  • Change PSC - 325 EUR It is possible for LTD UK to open an account in the payment system.

If you register a British corporation without a nominee director and shareholder, you can open an account in Switzerland at CIM Bank.

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